The Catch-Up March Edition: Birthdays, Concerts & Changes

March has come and gone and this makes me both sad and excited. Sad because my birthday month is behind me, but excited because we are moving through the year so quickly! Time goes by fast when you’re having fun!

The start of March is always my favourite as not only does it mark the start of Autumn, but on the 3rd it is my partner and I’s anniversary. This year we hit 4 years which is just crazy to think about. We didn’t do anything crazy to celebrate just due to having only moved out of our house, so life was a bit crazy!

Volleyball finals were mid March and was SUPER exciting to watch! The team, Scott Sterling, SMASHED the quarter and semi finals, and made it to the grand final on the 20th, and we managed to come 2nd which is such an amazing achievement considering how much the team improved compared to last season.

Speaking of Volleyball…I FINALLY PLAYED A GAME! I was the cheerleader for our team, purely since I haven’t played Volleyball (or sport) since 8th grade due to my messed up wrists. I always avoided it and was content knowing I would never be able to be on the court with all my friends. BUT after a particularly bad day, I wanted to hit some balls to release anger, so I did, and I was like hey, I might actually be able to do this. So i played a game, and signed up a team. This one team has now turned into 3 teams, so I now play 3 nights a week! I have NEVER felt this happy and healthy, and I have only played 2 weeks of games!

Possibly the biggest highlight of the month (and the most anticipated) was the Twenty Øne Piløts concert! TØP is hands down one of my favourite bands, if not the absolute FAVOURITE. Their music has helped me so much through my depression, so you can imagine how excited I was! It was quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to. The atmosphere was amazing, the music was just superb, and their performance was so artistic and emotional.

I also turned 23! My birthday was on the 30th, and it was, for the most part, quite normal as far as birthdays come. We had severe weather here in my part of QLD, as a result of Cyclone Debbie from up north, which resulted in heavy rain, full-force wind, and flash flooding. They closed the schools, most business’ shut at 12 and everyone was warned to not go out that night. Besides this, I still had a good day, thanks to not only my coworkers making me laugh and smile, but also the rest of my family making me happy.

The night after, once the weather has somewhat calmed down, we all went to Tap’d for dinner/drinks to celebrate my birthday! I had all my family and friends there, and beside the dodgy table set up, and our meals coming out super late and randomly, it was such an amazing night! I am truly blessed with the friends I have, and my family are nothing short of beautiful. OH and look at that cake! Talk about sugar coma!

Sorry for the long post, but when your month is as jammed packed as mine, there is a lot to share! Here is to an even better April!

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