NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault: Swatches & Review

When this Vault was released in Australia, I for sure thought I would not be able to get my hands on it! None of my local stores had it in stock, until I managed to stumble upon it when my partner and I were doing our Christmas shopping. Being the darling he is, he actually bought this as one of my gifts! This means I just have to do a review, and boy is it a mixed one.


Left to Right: San Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo, Instanbul, Milan, Paris, Addis Ababa, Prague, Bangkok, Havana, Seoul, Moscow (swatched but not shown in top picture)

Left to Right: Morocco, Ibiza, Antwerp, San Juan, Manila/Manille, Madrid, Dubai, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Budapest, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Transylvania

Left to Right: Buenos Aires, Cairo, Athens, Abu Dhabi, London, Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, Los Angeles, Cannes, Zurich

As you can see by the swatches above, there is a HUGE variety of colours, perfect for anyone who is wanting to try out different colours and tones. The Vault retails for $79 and although it is not available online, I have seen some in stock in Target stores, so if you want to nab this before it sells out, I highly suggest you act quick. The Soft Matte Lip Creams sell for $12.95 each for the full-size, so considering you are getting 36 minis for the price of 6 full-size, it is an incredible bargain.

Personally, I have had difficulties with a few of the shades not applying properly, or being very patchy on application, which you could probably see by some of the swatches being more sheer than the others. The downside to this is for those shades that are just not like the others, you need to put one layer on, and then let it dry a bit, and then do another to fill in gaps. If you try to add layers on top of it all at once, it is not going to work.

Besides the difficulties I have had with a few shades, there are a few notable positives. The formula is not drying whatsoever, which is good considering my lips are always so incredibly dry (yes mum, I should drink more water…). They are perfect for work as not only are they comfortable, but they are easy to reapply after eating. They also wear off quite nicely and don’t come off in noticeable chunks.

There are both huge positives, and disappointing negatives in my eyes which you should consider when buying, considering it is a LOT of product for a gamble with the formula.

Would I recommend this? I believe you get amazing value for money, as well as the novelty of getting to try out different shades before committing to the full-size! However the inconsistency of some of the shades definitely puts a damper on an otherwise amazing concept. Honestly, even if i got rid of a few of the shades which don’t perform, I am still getting my moneys worth.

I do suggest doing your own research, and if you still wish to try them out but are unsure (or not all that keen on spending $79 straight up), skip the vault and buy a single shade in the full-size. When testing a formula out I always opt for a nude first (just a little tip that may help) as I will get more wear out of it on an every-day basis.

If you had to get only one, I highly suggest the shade Cannes!




2 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault: Swatches & Review”

  1. I am so jealous! I have a couple of these, not sure on the colours but I would love to own all these even if some are a bit disappointing. The colours are beautiful!

    Jessica Jade | jessicajadebeauty.com

    Liked by 1 person

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