COLOURPOP: My ENTIRE Collection / Swatches & Review

Towards the end of last year I went slightly crazy when it came to ColourPop. They are so god damn cheap, that I had to try it out! My initial thoughts were amaaaazing, but after playing with the items, as well as a few hiccups, my thoughts are mixed. As I have a very ridiculous amount of products from ColourPop I will just jump right in to the review!

TOP to BOTTOM: Frick N Frack, Bound, Oh Snap, Leather
BOTTOM to TOP: Frick N Frack, Bound, Oh Snap, Leather


Newest to my collection are their lip liners. They are super creamy, almost to the point of being too creamy that you sometimes can’t always get the shape you desire.

Besides that, they come in so many shades, including matching shades in their other lip products, making it so easy to find a shade match for everything. I feel like this shade range is similar to MAC in respect to how they have so many shades available, however the formula is COMPLETELY different.

I do love them for a cheap alternative, and for matching with lipsticks I may not have a shade match for, and they are creamy enough to wear on their own. However, the packaging lets me down. I could never get the lids to stay on, until I fiddled around and realised you actually have to push the cap back on with a bit of force. This scares the crap out of me (even though they are 5 dollars a pop, I hate wasting shit).


TOP ROW: TIGHT FIT (the first two in photo above are the same shade, just different packaging), Playback, Hack, Tiny Chum, Kween, Mama, Love Bug, Calypso, Viper, My Jam, Weho
BOTTOM ROW: Panda, Chaps, Furry, Wolfie, Baracuda, Frick N Frack, Tansy, Timesquare, Midi, Trap, Dopey, Flatline, Swinger

Next up are their liquid products. I have a variety of different formulas including Ultra Matte, Ultra Glossy, Ultra Satin and Ultra Metallic. I figured I would talk about what I like/don’t like about each formula, as well as my stand-out shades.

Ultra Matte: These are what the name suggests.. ULTRA flipping matte. They are very drying, which I personally do not like, but they will stay on all damn day. The formula is full-coverage, and definitely requires good lip care before hand.

Ultra Satin: Possibly my favourite formula as it lasts a decent time, without drying out your lips. I HATE feeling furry or squeaky when I rub my lips together, so I prefer something not as intense.

Ultra Glossy: Their glosses are extra-dimensional. Honestly, the glitter shades are to die for and are very pigmented! Your lips look supple all day and has HIGH shine! Very decent product for so cheap!

Ultra Metallic: I have yet to play around with the formula as of yet, purely as I don’t know if I could pull off a bold metallic lip to work (as I wear makeup mostly during the week and not as much on the weekend). All I can say is, they are definitely very metallic.

Ultimate faves (refer above for swatches) are :PandaMidiTight Fit ,Furry, and Wolfie .


LEFT to RIGHT: She Bad, Skimpy, Bound, Cami, Hollywood BLVD, Tootsi, Pitch, Lady, Poison, Back Up, Leather, Flawless, Wet, Date Mate, Bootie

The Lippie Stix are so HANDY for travel and the everyday handbag, as the packaging is quite slim. They come in a million shades (slight chance of exaggeration) and each tube has the colour reference on the bottom so you don’t have to open the lid to see what the shade is.

These are very inconsistent however.

Some are beautiful and apply smoothly. Others are crumbly and will break off. The Glossy formula is quite hard to use as it is so creamy that it literally melts and goops up.

Regardless of the negatives, I love Cami, Bootie, She Bad and Date Mate (LE, get it before its gone!!) as I feel like they go on the smoothest (which is crazy as they are the Matte X formula..and as I said before, I don’t like the formula of their Matte liquid products?)…logic.


TOP ROW: Kaepop Beverley, Paisley, Drift, Babykins, Fairfax
MIDDLE ROW: Central Perk, Bae, Cricket, Patchwork, Peekaboo
BOTTOM ROW: Shameless, Nillionaire, Weenie, Thirsty Girl, Desert

I feel like Colourpop is KNOWN for their Super Shock shadows. They are iconic and unlike most eyeshadows on the market. They are a cream to powder product, and again, are hit and miss but for the most part they are pretty angelic.

The matte shades I do NOT like, and honestly will probably not repurchase again, as I just don’t feel like they work as well as a straight-up powder matte shadow would.

Their shimmer shades though are amazing. They are pigmented and intense and delicious. I prefer using my finger to pack it on just as I find this to be the best way to apply a formula like this. I will say that they don’t go on your eyelids as spectacularly as they swatch which is a big let down, but you can work with them to make them do.

My standouts are Weenie, Drift and Patchwork (Sadly LE and no longer available however their shades Coconut & Rex could do a similar job!) . OH and Nillionaire is like a blue-eyed girl’s dream! Coppery and golden and bronze mixed into a sparkly gem!


As you can probably already tell I have mixed feelings about the products and the consistency of the brand as a whole.

PROS: The shimmer eyeshadows are high in pigmentation and very unique. Their Ultra Glossy lips and some of their Lippie Stix are also really enjoyable, and have great lasting power. They are also ridiculously cheap (excluding the shocking international shipping and customs, am I right? ) compared to anything else on the market right now.

CONS: The consistency isn’t perfect, across the whole range of their products. My Ultra Matte lip in Midi came faulty with no stopper (leaked all in my bag). A Lippie Stix in Pillowtalk came with the product not put in the right way – hence why there are no swatches. Their Matte shadows either have no pigment to them, are patchy and are super dry (hence breakage in main photo).

Overall, I think you get what you pay for. For a brand so iconic and ‘trendy’ it is upsetting to see the quality over the spectrum not be consistent. I will continue to give love to the products I have an enjoy, but it does definitely prohibit my need and desire to spend my money on anymore of their products.


(ps. I am so sorry this is a negative post. This is life. Some things can’t be 100 % perfect. REMEMBER, just cause I have these views, doesn’t mean you will too. Do your research, choose wisely, and gather your own thoughts for yourself ! x )

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