Vision Board: How-to and current set up

Vision boards are amazing tools used to motivate, inspire and keep you on track of your goals. A fair few years ago when I was starting uni (think circa 2012) my dad bought me this MASSIVE corkboard to keep on top of my school work. It is from Kikki K and has a fabric material as the main area in which you use pins to stick crap onto it, as I so elegantly would explain if I were a salesperson (hence why I am in administration…). I am going to talk you through and easy ‘How-to’ on how you can create a vision board to keep you inspired!


Grab a bunch of magazines and start cutting out anything of relevance to you. Alternatively you could print off pictures, quotes, planners, etc. For my board, I wanted to chuck out my huge stockpile of magazines I have been hoarding, so I cut out images of people working out, in gym clothes, inspirational quotes and words, and random things here and there for contrast.

Then, all you do is simply start pinning them onto your board. I find it easiest to start with the bigger items, so in my case I placed my larger photos down, starting in a corner, and worked my way around the board, filling in spaces here and there.

There is generally no rhyme or reason to my method of madness, and with this kind of project you don’t need to be neat and meticulous with your placement of images.


Your finished project may look something like this, or it may look completely different! That is the beauty of these projects…they are completely personal.


Here is a little close-up of mine. As you can see there is a lot going on. My vision board contains a lot of the following, which you could use as a guide to start yours:

  • Gym clothes and people wearing them
  • bikini shots and lingerie to inspire me to want to feel good in my own skin.
  • inspirational quotes
  • random trigger words such as ‘relax’ ‘be’ ‘thrive’
  • wedding dresses – this is a big fuel for my fire (even though I am yet to be engaged, I use it as a HUGE motivator for me and my well-being).

You can use these for your school work, to keep you motivated or to help you study. You can use these for weight loss or gaining muscle, or training for a race. You can use this for inspiration for your blog, or website, or business. The list is endless.

Stay tuned as I will be bringing to you a few more additional ways in which you can create tools to spark inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Vision Board: How-to and current set up”

    1. I stopped buying magazines a few months ago (unless people I am obsessed with are on the cover..) so if you are like me you can easily do this by printing off pictures off pinterest! πŸ™‚ I agree though, I am addicted to Pinterest! x


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