NEW PRODUCTS: Mecca, Sephora, MAC

Makeup is ALWAYS being released, which makes my passion never boring. Brands bring out seasonal themed and inspired goodies, as well as collaborations, special collections, and even just simple new products. Sometimes products come out that I don’t realise have been released until 5 months later! To see some of the new things that have caught my eye keep scrolling !



Kat Von D LockiIt Makeup Setting Mist – I am always always allllways willing to try out new makeup setting sprays, considering I have the weirdest skin out there. It is dry, yet no makeup wants to cling to my face and slides off like I am the oiliest person alive. Kat Von D makeup is the so I expect nothing short of amazing!

MAC Studio QuikTrik Sticks – MAC collections are forever being released so its hard to keep up with them when they are first released. These QuickTrik sticks are something I want to try but I will be testing it out in store before committing as I am not always one for cream products. They have a ridiculous amount of shades so it seems to be easy to find a shade right for your skin tone.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy Lipstick – I know these were released a while ago overseas, but I only just saw recently that they were released here in Australia. I desperately want to go smell the scents they brought out in store. Velvet Teddy is on my MAC lipstick wishlist, so what better way to add it to the collection than in the collection packaging? Am i right?

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette – Shay Mitchell – Ablaze – Writing this up right now is breaking my heart as I have been STALKING Mecca waiting for this to come back instock. Of course the very moment I have no money is when they restock it. Like seriously Mecca, can you not?! Praaaaaying I can get my hands on this eventually.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil – This is a product I really want to try but again, I go back and forth between ‘YEP I WANT IT’ to ‘hmmm, is it worth?’. I have heard they smell delicious so I am thinking I maaaay have to try these out next time I am in a Mecca Maxima.


8 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: Mecca, Sephora, MAC”

  1. I love hearing about new products, even though I always end up just wanting to buy things…

    I really want to try Velvet Teddy as well though, I think I might pick up that lipstick before winter because I feel like it’d look so good paired with an autumn or winter outfit!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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